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6 Years of Service ( 09/09/09 - 09/09/15 )

Super5 Results  02 - 12 - 15    ( 22 • 14 • 33 • 25 • 28 ) 



 Lotto Results 05 - 12 -15 ( 35 • 39 • 83 • 34 • 73 • 12 • 31 • 08 )  



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6 Years of Service ( 09/09/09 - 09/09/15 )
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Campus FM

Malta University Broadcasting Campus FM, which forms part of the Malta University Broadcasting, is the University of Malta's radio station, broadcasting educational programmes of a formal and informal nature. Built on a tradition of quality broadcasting, the station has collaboration agreements with a number of entities, such as the BBC World Service and Classic FM in the UK, United Nations Radio, Deutsche Welle, Radio Netherlands and Putumayo World Music. Also, students, lecturers and staff at University are involved in the radio's operations and are contributing towards various productions and initiatives. Campus FM has been the recipient of a number of broadcasting awards since 1995. Campus FM transmits twenty-four hours a day on the analog frequency 103.7 FM, as well as on the latest digital radio transmission technology, DAB+. CampusFM is available on the internet through a collaboration with University IT Services.

Magic (91.7FM)

Magic is Malta?s More Music, Less Talk radio station. More Music, Less Talk Magic provides its listeners with a luxurious and indulgent experience with its expertly crafted playlist of classic and contemporary artists. From George Michael and Take That to James Blunt and Abba, the station plays the best in quality ?feel good? music and keeps chat to a minimum. It is this warm, intelligent environment which attracts a large, upmarket audience who value Magic?s ability to enhance their mood. Magic provides advertisers with a consistent, international brand which is locally delivered. The schedule contains networked shows with big names and local programming at key times of the day. Official audience research shows Magic is second most popular music radio station in Malta. Audience Magic's core audience are aged between 25 and 44. Magic listeners love life; despite juggling their various roles as wives, husbands, parents and professionals, they still make time for themselves. They are sociable people who enjoy shopping, going out and spending time with their friends and family. Music The Magic playlist is hit-led, playing feel good songs from the 70s, 80s, 90s and 00s, alongside the best current songs. Presenters are warm, friendly, genuine and easy to relate to. Magic is expertly programmed to emotionally connect with its listeners, playing the right songs to get them up in the mornings, keep them going through the day and helping them to unwind in the evening. On Air The Magic schedule is crammed full of great presenters such as Steve Joy, Michelle Horn, Nigel Williams, Brendan Kearney, Martin Buchanan, Dave Hickman and Greg Fairlie and acclaimed shows such as Mellow Magic and Stressbusters. Magic broadcasts in Malta and Gozo on 91.7 FM. National coverage is also available on DAB+, Digital Radio, Melita Digital and Sky.

Radju Hompesch

Radju Lehen il-Qala

BKR Radio

Radju RTK


L-istazzjon tar-radju RTK beda jittra?metti regolarment nhar l-14 ta' Marzu 1992 fuq il-frekwenza 103mhz FM Stereo. Illum Radju RTK ixandar ukoll f'Malta fuq il-frekwenza 97.6mhz FM u f'G?awdex fuq il-frekwenza 97.8mhz FM. Jixxandar ukoll permezz ta' l-internet fuq dan is-sit stess, ji?ifieri fuq Immexxi minn RTK Radio Limited, kumpanija ta' l-Ar?idjo?esi ta' Malta u d-Djo?esi ta' G?awdex, Radju RTK ixandar bil-lingwa Maltija bi skeda mifruxa fuq 20 sieg?a kuljum u m?awra b'ta?lita ta' programmi ta' informazzjoni, edukazzjoni, divertiment u mu?ika, b'mira partikolari fuq programmi ta' diskussjoni u tag?rif. It-taqsima ta' l-a?brijiet ta' Radju RTK ixxandar tliet bulettini s?a? kuljum, kif ukoll a?barijiet fil-qosor matul il-?urnata kollha. Dawn jinkludu wkoll bulettini internazzjonali mill-BBC. Din it-Taqsima ttella' wkoll programmi ta' ?rajjiet kurrenti, diskussjonijiet, anali?i u kummentarji. B?al kull stazzjon privat ie?or tar-radju, Radju RTK huwa rregolat mill-Att tax-Xandir ta' l-1991 u b'li?enzja ma?ru?a lilu mill-Awtorit? tax-Xandir. L-istudjows ta' l-RTK qeg?din fil-kumpless tal-Media Centre fi Triq Nazzjonali, il-Blata l-Bajda u jinkludu ?ew? studjows li jintu?aw g?al xandiriet diretti flimkien ma' studjow kbir ie?or b'control room separata li jintu?a g?al rikordings u produzzjonijiet o?ra. Illum, Radju RTK ixandar ukoll bis-sistema digitali u joffri ghazla ta' programmi rekordjati minn fuq il-Website, li li wiehed jista' jisma' x'hin irid.

Radio Galaxy 105 FM

Bay Easy

Kottoner 98FM

Kottoner 98FM is a truly unique radio station. Operating from the heart of the Cottonera, its home since 1996, has made a name for itself as one of Malta?s top local community radio stations. The station offers the widest range of entertainment, from our hugely popular daily live morning magazine programme, our special weekend programming for kids and the younger generation and the daily live music programmes covering from the 1930s to today?s freshest sounds. Kottoner 98FM covers from classical to pop, from rock to alternative, from world to local music, and all this in a style that reaches all ages and tastes. Cottonera's unique community station is equally committed to spoken word programmes, covering themes from religion to history, education and literature as well as advice slots dealing with legal, health, social and structural home reform matters. Kottoner 98FM also covers all local events from either a news perspective, or through live coverage. This makes Kottoner 98FM the main entertainment and information provider on the local community stage. A team of 45 totally committed professionals and volunteers work hard and to a high standard to keep the station running. Their collective effort guarantees the daily function of the station and help maintain its reputation as Malta?s top community radio station. visit the website for more information Please or call our studio telephone number 21667766 and SMS number 50613098. The station?s general address is

Bastjanizi FM

89.7 Bay Radio

In 1991 Bay Radio was one of the first private radio stations in Malta. Broadcasting 24 hours a day in Maltese and English, it offers the latest selection of music and celebrity DJ's. It has been consistently voted firm favourite amongst young adult listeners. The last Media Warehouse survey carried out by Informa Consultants for Febuary to April 2007 stated that Bay Radio is Malta's favourite radio station and its Breakfast show is also Malta's favorite.

Radju Marija

KISS Radio

Calypso Ten 18

Calypso Ten 18 has been broadcasting on a nationwide scale since the 5th of May 2005 and has grown to be Malta's most listened-to radio station broadcasting live from Luqa with a variety of music from the 60's, 70's and the 80's! Today Calypso Ten 18 employs 23 members of staff with an objective to serve, be fun to listen to and entertain 24/7! Through the years Calypso Ten 18 has become Malta's most wanted music station and according to surveys issued approximately every 3 months by the Media Warehouse and the Maltese Broadcasting Authority respectively, Calypso Ten 18 has been occupying the highest ranking in these surveys all thanks to YOU... our listener!

Radio 101

RADIO 101 HISTORY 23rd April 1991 It is announced that Government will issue two radio licences , one of which to Multicomm Ltd. 23rd April 1991 Nationalist Party statement announces setting up of radio station to be called Radio 101. 11th June 1991 Agreement is signed between Nationalist Party Secretary General Dr Austin Gatt and Harris Int for the supply of studio equipment. 10th August 1991 Radio 101 logo designed by Tonio Cremona, is launched. 25th August 1991 Lou Bondi and Victor Formosa are appointed respectively Chairman of the Board and Managing Director of Radio 101. 28th September 1991 The Prime Minister Dr Eddie Fenech Adami inaugurates Radio 101's studios in San Gwann. After, Radio 101 goes on air to the strains of John Lennon's Imagine sung by Getting Closer. The first programme is hosted by Jackie Bartolo, John Bundy and Charles Saliba. 20th April 1992 For the first time in the history of Maltese Broadcasting, Radio 101 broadcasts live a rock concert . From Wembley Stadium its The Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert . During the same year Radio 101 will also broadcast a Dire Straits concert from Basle Switzerland and the Bob Dylan 20th Anniversary Concert from Madison Square Gardens in New York . 25th May 1994 Richard Muscat and Kevin Drake are appointed respectively Managing Director and Head of Programmes of Radio 101. 1st February 1998 Radio 101 moves to Nationalist Party Headquarters in Pieta. 14th December 1999 Radio 101 broadcaster, John Bundy sets a new Guinness World Record for continuous broadcasting (50 hours). During the programme, Lm 80,000 are collected for NET Televisions Outside Broadcasting Unit. 6th January 2000 Anton Attard and Noel Mallia are appointed respectively Broadcasting Manager and Consultant Co-Ordinator Radio 101. 28th May 2005 Radio 101 moves to new studios on the 4th floor of the new building occupied by Communications. The first broadcast is Il-Fatti Kollha a discussion programme hosted by Keith Demicoli and featuring The Prime Minister The Hon Dr Lawrence Gonzi, as guest. Throughout its thirteen year history Radio 101 has won a number of awards : 1993 Liliana Risiott -BPC Award in Journalism 1995 Noel Mallia -Rock CV -Malta Broadcasting Authority Award 1997 Noel Mallia -Snin tar-rock n roll -Malta Broadcasting Authority Award 1998 Noel Mallia -Snin tar-rock n roll -Malta Broadcasting Authority Award 1999 Noel Mallia -Rockfile 2 -Malta Broadcasting Authority Award 2000 Noel Mallia -Rockfile 2 -Malta Broadcasting Authority Award 2001 Eric Montfort -Il-mixja ghall-Indipendenza -Malta Broadcasting Authority Award 2003 Eric Montfort -Gorg Borg Olivier Missier Malta Indipendenti -Malta Broadcasting Authority Award 2003 Noel Mallia -Minn Liverpool sa Abbey Road- Malta Broadcasting Authority Award.

Xfm 100.2



As from Monday October 10th, Maltese radio will never be the same again as XFM 100.2 became the official station playing the best of the ninetees noughties and to-day. 

XFM has always been on the cutting edge of the local radio scene, and this philosophy will continue to be fulfilled as it becomes the only station in Malta to cater for the 30-something market – adults who still feel young. This is thanks to a revamp in the station’s music policy that will see XFM becoming the home of the 90s, with half of its musical output dedicated to that incredible and fun decade. 

XFM will also continue to play Italian hits, Homegrown (local) tracks and the best songs of the 00s and today. 

Station manager David Azzopardi explained: “Many people have been listening to XFM for years and have grown up with the station – these listeners are not teenagers anymore. They are adults who know what they want and who live life their way. The new XFM, is meant for them.”

As well as refining the station’s music policy, the presenter line up is getting stronger and stronger, starting with Steve Hili, the crazy man of Maltese radio on the Big Breakfast, the Big Drive Home with Oz and Jay, and a line-up that includes the one and only Colin Fitz, 90s King Joe Spiteri, Manila Bottone, Steve Meli, Andre Bugeja, David Debono, Charles Vella, Chris Busuttil and Jason Camilleri.

“XFM offers more than just great music. Our listeners want something more from their station and we aim to deliver. Our presenters relate to our audience making them laugh, making them think, or just provoking them into a response. We love interacting with our audience and entertaining it and that is why our listenership continues to grow,” added Mr Azzopardi.

To continue strengthening the relationship with the listeners, a number of unique, fun activities are being planned for the coming weeks as XFM prepares to take the country by storm. Listeners, get ready!

Tune in to the all new XFM 100.2  the home of the 90s now.







Minn din il-Gimgha, it-Tnejn 10 t’Ottubru,ix-xandir tar-radju Malti ma baqax kif kien qabel, hekk kif  XFM 100.2 sar l-istazzjon ufficjail li jdoqq l-aqwa sucessi mis-disghinijiet sa llum.

Sa mill bidu tieghu, XFM dejjem kien pass il-quddiem fil-mu]ika tieg[u fix-xena tar-radju lokali u l-[sieb hu li jibqa jag[mel dan, filwaqt li jsir l-uniku stazzjon f’Malta li jiehu hsieb il-generazzjoni ta’ adulti ag[]ag[ li ghandhom il-fuq minn 30 sena, u li f’qalbhom g[adhom ihossuhom ]g[a]ag[. Dan ser isir billi n;eddu mill-qiegh, il-politika tal-muzika ta’ l-istazzjon XFM, billi jsir l-istazzjon li fih issib il-muzika tad-Disghijnijiet. Ghaldaqstant hamsin fil-mija tal-muzika trasmessa fuq l-istazzjon ser tkun iddedikata lil dan id-de/ennju inkredibli

Minbarra dan, XFM ser ikompli jdoqq il-hits Taljani, il-Homegrown, kif ukoll l-aqwa ta’ l-ghoxrinijiet u l-muzika tal llum, filwaqt li jwarrab l-iskart ta’ dan id-de/ennju.

Il-Maniger ta’ l-istazzjon, David Azzopardi fisser x’;ieg[el lid-direzzjoni taghmel din ir-revoluzzjoni fl-g[a]la tal-muzika taghha “hafna nies ilhom isegwu l-istazzjon XFM g[al hafna snin u kibru mieghu – dawn is-semmiegha m’ghadhomx aktar teenagers. Illum huma adulti li jafu xi jridu mill-hajja u li jghixu hajjithom kif jixtiequ huma. L-XFM il-gdid huwa mahsub ghalihom.”

Filwaqt li l-policy ta’ l-istazzjon ;iet raffinata, iktar ma jg[addi ]-]mien, il-linja ta’ pre]entaturi qieg[da dejjem tissa[[a[, tibda’ minn Steve Hili, il-Crazy Man tar-radju Malti li jospita lis-semmieg[a ghal-“Big Breakfast”, il-Big Drive Home ma’ Oz u Jay, u ghadd ta’ prezentaturi ohra bhall popolari Colin Fitz, Manila Bottone, Steve Meli, ir-Re tad-disghinijiet Joe Spiteri, Andre Bu;eja, David Debono, Charles Vella, Chris Busuttil u Jason Camilleri.

Azzopardi kompla jg[id kif l-XFM joffri iktar minn mu]ika tajba. Is-semmieg[a tag[na jridu xi [a;a iktar mill-istazzjon taghhom u ahna rridu nag[tuhom dak li qeg[din jistennew minnha. Il-pre]entaturi tag[na jirrelataw ma’ l-udjenza taghna u j;ieg[luhom jid[qu, Igieghluhom jahsbu u jipprovokawhom! Ahna nhobbu nirrelataw u nintereja;ixxu ma’ l-udjenza tag[na u niddevertuhom. Ri]ultat ta’ dan kollu, in-numru ta’ semmiegha taghna qieghed kull ma jmur dejjem jizdied.

U biex inkomplu insahhu r-relazzjoni mas-semmiegha taghna, sakemm l-XFM qieghed ihejji biex jiehu l-pajjiz b’sorpriza. h[al gimghat li gejjin qed jipprepara numru ta’ attivitajiet unici u divertenti f’lokalitajiet ewlenin ta’ Malta. 

Bay Retro

Radju Malta

Radju Malta

One Radio

Rainbow Productions Limited was founded in the late 1980’s to operate Super ONE Radio and eventually Super ONE Television. In December 1999 the Company’s name was changed to ONE Productions Limited.

SUPER ONE RADIO started operations in March 1991. These initial operations led to temporary transmissions that commenced in May 1991. Official broadcasting went to air in August 1991. By November of the same year, SUPER ONE RADIO was already transmitting daily around the clock. SUPER ONE TV started operations in September 1993; its first transmission was aired in March 1994 with a short news bulletin and, following in the steps of SUPER ONE RADIO, in 2000 SUPER ONE TV commenced transmitting on a twenty-four hour basis. SUPER ONE's Outside Broadcasting Unit was bought in 1997 and was taken out on its first assignment on 1 May 1997 for a live broadcast of Workers Day.

Currently (as per October 2007), ONE Productions Limited employs 53 full time and 130 part time staff. This complement manages and operates production on ONE News, Super ONE Radio and ONE Television.

The Company's general administration, programmes broadcasting and the Sales and Marketing Department are housed at the ONE Complex in Marsa. News and Current Affairs operate from studios and offices located at the National Labour Centre in Hamrun.

The Board of Directors, the Managing Director and Management Team run the company's administration. The Management Team is made up of Senior Managers, Managers and Assistant Managers. The Company's Directors and Worker Director work on a voluntary basis.

Consistently, the Station registers high ratings and Super ONE Radio keeps retaining its position as Malta's most popular station. In spite of financial restraint, Super ONE radio and ONE television’s programme schedules continue to be characterized by innovative and cutting edge elements especially in areas like investigative journalism and drama production.

With the ever-growing intensity in the competitive arena of media pluralism in Malta, ONE Productions will continue to strive for excellence and increase its relevance to the Maltese public, while promoting the ideals and political aspirations of its shareholders. ONE Productions will be moulding its future in line with Malta's changing electronic media landscape and adapt its vision and mission according to the new exigencies of social, economic, political and technological forces. This process of change will take place without losing track of the Station's commitment to its large loyal audiences and client base.

VibeFm - 88.7


Energy FM

Radju Luminaria

Consumer Protection21250221
Emergency Rescue by Helicopter21244371
Emergency Rescue by Patrol Boat21238797
Fire Brigade112
Flight Enquiries21249600
Government Information Service153
Hospital - Gozo21561600
Hospital - Malta225450000
International Code00356
Lost Property21224781
Overseas Operator1152
Passport Office - Gozo21560770
Passport Office - Malta21222286
Time Check195
Weather Forecast50043848

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